Top five places to get greasy in Memphis

crumpy hot wings

hot wings

Memphians know a lot about treats breakfast barbecue and burgers are local art forms and everyone’s an aficionado whether your taste is for chopped pork sandwiches sweet potato pancakes the world-famous ribs Memphis is a great place to fatten up here are five perfect spot to get greasy in mentor

The arcado

opens early and is a good place to start a day of vengeance this ultra retrodiner is Memphis’s oldest restaurant it’s played set for many Hollywood films Elvis used to eat here and you can still sample his legendary fried peanut butter and banana sandwich crowds back in today for the sweet potato pancakes to the eggs redneck another great option for breakfast is Bryant’s


which claims to have the best in town with no lack of evidence 7 miles west of downtown friendly staff serve up traditional southern platters and rotating menu of lunch specials the biscuits are the main event flaky on the outside and warm to the core driving with molasses honey and Country gravy and you’ll be stuffed until sundown


Gus’s world-famous fried chicken lives up to the height one could easily eat a whole chickens worth blissfully ignoring the bunker-like ambiance the original Gus’s is in nearby Mason Tennessee and the owner still sends buckets of batter to the front Street location rather than put the recipe in another pair of hands fear not the frequent lines outside the service is quick and the birds are worth the wait Gus’s is the best chicken in Memphis Tennessee

Charlie Vergos

Charlie Vergos rendezvous they say not since Adam has a rib in this famous tuck in an alleyway at Union AB this subterranean institution sells an astonishing five tons of dry rub ribs a week friendly service and walls plastered with historic memorabilia make eating here an event some of the staff have been here forever and clientele are equally would superstars from Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake have frequented lon debuted as a musky to Memphis and so should you


if you somehow get hungry again after a late night on Beale Street head to dyers their deep-fried hamburgers have been cooked in the same batch of grease since 1912 over the years this famous grease has been transported to various dyers locations by armed guards finally finding a home here the standard order is a number for double double combo that’s two deep-fried burgers with deep-fried cheese and order fries and a sweet tea for good measure I had a fried Twinkie drive the point home Memphis may fill you with buckets of grease but you’re liable to leave without an ounce of regret

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