Crumpy's Hotwings
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Crumpy's Hotwing Challenge

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1st Sat of every Month


Event Starts 1ST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH at 4p.m.

Rules In the Crumpy's Sucide Wing Challenge 

Cost: $10 Entry Fee

Must Be 18yrs of age or older Must have a valid I.D. To Enter Contest

To Be declared as Winner a person must have eaten all the meat off the 5 wings within 5 minutes. You can't drink anything during the length of the competition. After the wings are eaten the competitor must withstand 5 minutes of afterburn before drinking anything. The 1st Person to Eat 5 Wings In 5 Minutes with the fastest time Win's The $100. The 2nd and 3rd place runnerup will recieve a "I Love Crumpy's T-Shirt". Please Arrive at least 20 minutes early for registration. 

If You Don't Show Up You Must Be Chicken!